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Enjoying the Ride ~ Trying to Stay Dry


Dating is like the Log Ride at an amusement park. At times it’s an uphill climb, but you eagerly anticipate what excitement lies ahead. There are times when you’re just coasting along, things are peaceful, you feel relaxed. Then all of a sudden the bottom drops away and you’re rushing down a huge waterfall, arms up in the air, screaming in delight. What a thrill!

At the end of the ride you emerge from the “waterfall” into a body of water, and depending on how your boat lands, and where you were sitting, you can come out exhilarated and ready to get back in line and ride again. But other times you can end up soaked and looking like a drowned cat.

Sure, it can be an entertaining way to get wet and cool off on a hot summer day, but if the weather turns or becomes breezy, you can end up with quite a chill.

Lately I seem to be sitting right in the splash zone. I’m riding along thinking, “This is so much fun. I really like this. I bet I found the right seat this time.” But then, the bottom drops out, I hit the water and end up all wet. Right on cue, a breeze kicks up and I’m left shivering; wondering why I keep getting back in line to ride this ride.

But even though I can’t stand being cold, and dislike be cold and wet even more; I do love excitement, and the thrill and adventure of the ride. So I’ll clean up my running mascara and apply waterproof this time; hey maybe I’ll even bring a change of clothes. Who knows, perhaps next time I’ll land just right.


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