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Bikes, Bites and Art

Sacramento has a lot to offer its residents and visitors!! So many amazing restaurants with sidewalk seating, as well as art galleries, museums, boutiques, theatre and sporting events. One of my favorite things to do in Sacramento is the Second Saturday Art Walk – or Ride, I should say.

Some of us ride our bicycles around Downtown, Midtown, and/or East Sacramento, stopping to visit a gallery opening or two, then we’ll leisurely ride a few blocks to visit some more. We usually take a break for some Tapas or appetizers and a cool beverage before heading back out to see a few more galleries. It’s a pleasurable and entertaining way to enjoy the evening.

But even if you aren’t in town for Second Saturday, practically any summer day/evening is perfect for a bike ride in Sacramento. If you have visitors in town, or you yourself are without a bicycle to ride, may I suggest renting one from Bikes and Bites. The Bikes and Bites bike rental pairs out-of-town visitors and locals with cool beach cruisers so they can bike to one or more restaurants for a bite to eat in Midtown and Downtown Sacramento. The fleet of rental bikes includes both men’s and women’s classic single speed beach cruiser style bicycles, a combination lock, front and rear light set, an optional helmet, and a front-mounted basket with a sponsoring plaque on it.

Bikes and Bites is the brainchild of Robin Little, who has over 20 years of travel marketing experience and is the owner of UnionVacations.com. Bikes and Bites is the perfect way to get the message out to the public in the Sacramento Region about the importance of lowering their carbon footprint. There are currently 30 bikes available for rental with the possibility of additional bikes being added to the fleet during the 2010 season.

According to Robin, “We have taken the next step and are now placing bikes in a few office buildings, hotels and even a B&B.”

The Cost to rent a bike is only $10 for the first two hours and $3 for each additional hour, a maximum of $30 for 24 hours. What’s cool, and why this is call Bikes and Bites, is that your bike rental can get you easily around Midtown and Downtown Sacramento and spending money in sponsoring restaurants and shops.

The Sacramento Air Quality Management District’s, “Spare the Air” program will even pay for an hour of the bike rental if you ride your bike for several hours. (Please see http://www.BikesandBites.com for details and list of locations.)


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