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The soundtrack of my life

listentomusicLast night I decided to make a new playlist for my iPod. I started off aimlessly, I didn’t know what sort of playlist I wanted to make. I just wanted something different to listen to.

As I was going through the thousands of songs in my music library, occasionally I would come upon a song I hadn’t heard in years, so I just had to stop and listen to it; and of course it sent me right back to the place I was when that song was popular, or when I played it to death… whichever the case might have been.

It brought back recollections of past relationships, road trips, nights out at the club, and days at the beach. During one song I’d smile and laugh when I thought of those really good memories; and then another song would come on and I’d feel a tightness in my chest as though I was right back in the middle of that painful breakup all over again.

Music has always played an important role in my life; but so have the people who have come in and out of it. So as I sat there last night, going through songs — and strolling down memory lane — a playlist that spanned the last 25 years was created.

Today as I listen to my production, I feel like I’m on the game show “This is Your Life” and I’m walking back through the years, one significant event or relationship at a time; seeing things again, but this time from a different vantage point. 

For the tough spots, it’s like a personal therapy session. I’m older now, and hopefully wiser; removed from the emotion of (almost) all of the past heartaches, and can look back on my life with love, respect, and appreciate what I learned from each person and from each substantial event; thus perceiving how it’s shaped my life. 

I love that music can be a road map back through a lifetime, keeping memories alive and well, and letting me choose when I want to revisit them.


6 thoughts on “The soundtrack of my life

  1. That’s exactly how music impacts me as well. Sometimes a certain song can come on the radio and I’ll have to change it, because I don’t want to walk down memory lane. My hubby doesn’t understand my connection to music & memories, so it’s fun to hear other people say they experience it too.

  2. This is so true. It’s crazy how one song can affect your emotions so much because we associate it with our memories. It can put you in a funk for days, or give you the best feeling ever. My playlist usually contains the latter.

  3. Well, not only did you beat me to it, you knocked it out of the ballpark…
    I do the SAME thing, and have the SAME thoughts, reminiscences, and everything.
    It truly is the soundtrack of my life…. Thanks for doing such a great job of pointing that out!

  4. The Cure, Oasis, U2, Pretenders, Berlin, Steely Dan, R.E.M., Counting Crows, Single Gun Theory, Cracker, Concrete Blonde, Seal, The The, Tindersticks, Shawn Colvin, Kristin Hersh, Portishead, Matthew Sweet, Sublime, Cowboy Junkies, Percy Sledge, Pearl Jam, The Fray, Sarah McLachlan, Bel Canto, Oleander, and The Smithereens to name a few… the playlist is 12 hours long. 🙂

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