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Simple Pleasures

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain falling outside my window. It wasn’t a hard rain, just enough to make me want to stay curled up underneath my blanket and sheets. But once I was awake, I couldn’t fall back asleep. So a few minutes later I got up, made a cup of tea and thought about just transferring to my comfy couch, wrapping up in a warm blanket and putting on a movie. Something I have done a hundred times before on a raining day like this. Who could blame me, it’s Sunday, it’s raining, it’s the perfect day to stay inside and just relax.

But then I looked out my window and thought, When was the last time I went for a walk in the rain? It had been a while. So I put on a my tennis shoes and donned a sweatshirt, grabbed my umbrella and stepped out into the morning rain.

I live in a neighborhood that seems to always have people jogging around the park or cycling down the street; but for some reason today there was hardly anyone out. As I walked along I passed a few homes with a light or two on. I imagined the people inside just waking up, having that first cup of coffee, and reading the newspaper. Perhaps building a cosy fire.

I turned the corner and walked past the neighborhood bakery. Suddenly I smelled the aroma of freshly brewing coffee and the scent of warm cinnamon from the baking pastries. It made me smile.

It was so quiet; the only thing I heard was the sound of the rain drops landing on my umbrella and the chirping of some birds. It was very relaxing, even therapeutic.

As I walked along I passed the neighborhood florist and a charming antique store. Both were closed of course, but the store front windows had many beautiful items for me to view as I walked by.

The thing about walking is you really do notice so much more. Life can be so fast paced, and it seems like we drive everywhere, even if it’s only a few blocks away. As we zoom by in our cars it’s difficult to “stop and smell the roses” so to speak.  But when we take a walk, we see things up close and personal. We take our time. We breathe in the sights and smells of our surroundings. 

This got me thinking, how often am I experiencing the simple pleasures in life, or recognizing the experiences when they present themselves? So I decided that this week I am going to make sure that I experience at least one simple pleasure each day, and really savour it. Hopefully this will get me back in the habit of taking the time to stop and smell the roses a little more often.

What are some of your simple pleasures and how often do you experience them?


3 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures

  1. I was just having this experience! I walk everywhere in Hawaii and I love the exersize and just seeing everything differently. I heard some amazing live music walking home from dinner and also walked in the rain. I decided I need to walk more no matter where I am- there are always things to see and appreciate wherever you are!

  2. I love this. I find that when I walk it clears all of the chatter out of my mind and allows it to fill with more important and meaningful thoughts. An appreciation of a much bigger and beautiful world to experience out there.

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