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Back it Up, Back it Up – You got it, You got it

Back it Up, Back it Up – You got it, You got it… yes that may sound like the words to a Gwen Stefani song, but right now, it’s my recommendation.  I just spent the last 24 hours in a panic. My external hard drive crashed yesterday and when I went to my 2nd external hard drive, which I thought I had backed everything up on, I found that the data was not there either.

All my music (53 Gigs, 8530 songs) – GONE!  All my digital photos of family and friends (17.3 gigs, 6534 pics) – GONE! Not to mention all my business files for the last 6 years. GONE! To say the least I was freaked out!  I went to google to get some answers how to go about getting my data back, and what I found was this could cost me anywhere from $500 to $15,000. UGH! Not the answer I was looking for.

Then I searched Google to see if I could find out how to at least get my music that was currently on my iPhone and copy it back to my computer. Since much of my music was purchased from iTunes at a buck a song, I was looking at a loss of over $3000 in music alone. 

I did find a great YouTube video that demonstrated how to perform this complicated procedure. I called Daniel, the IT guru at work, and asked if he could help me with a computer “problem”. 

I explained what happened and told him about the website I had found. He came right over and we went through the tutorial together and soon the music as being transferred back to my computer.

We actually had to download a program to do it, but at least we able to get the 25 gigs of the music that was on my iPhone back on my computer.  Just in case you ever have this happen to you, here is the url to this wonderful tutorial: http://youtu.be/PtsStUbjTJs and here is the link David refers to in his video:  http://www.digidna.net/ 

I was thrilled to have the music, but I was still really stressed about all the other files and pictures that I had on the hard drive – and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get back. Then Daniel suggested that we take the external hard drive apart and see if it would work if he hooked it up directly to a desktop computer.

A few minutes later he showed back up at my office with a toolbox and went to work. Let me just say, this was no easy task. I don’t think Maxtor® wants people opening their hard drive cases. Daniel ended up using a couple of  screwdrivers to wedge in a seam and split the casing. At one point I was afraid that he was going to stab himself as he tried to pry it open. After many minutes he finally did get the plastic casing open – only to find it was housed in yet another metal cage.  Good grief!  But he persevered and finally the hard drive was free! 

I watched with bated breath as he attached the hard drive to another computer and then waited as the computer booted up and we could find out if my data would be extractable.

YES! It was all there… We hooked up my 2nd external hard drive and transferred all the data over.

Nightmare averted!  Thank you Daniel – from here on out he will be known as My Hero!

It took a few hours to transfer the 119 gigs of data I had on this hard drive; and as it was transferring over I started to look through some of the old files.  It was like going down memory lane. 

I found a “Goals” list from 2005 (pretty interesting to notice the difference in my goals  now vs then). There were some old, unpublished blogs I wrote a few years ago (who knows, these just might show up here in the coming weeks).

I also  found my daughter’s college graduation invitation and the photos from the ceremony. There were the photos from my trip to London; and my daughter’s and my trip to Paris; as well as my son’s high school graduation photos.  I won’t go on and on about everything that was on the hard drive, but needless to say, it was very important both personally and professionally.

All I can say is I’m heading to Best Buy on my way home to pick up another hard drive, to use as a 3rd backup.  I never want to go through something like this again!


One thought on “Back it Up, Back it Up – You got it, You got it

  1. OMG that case was crazy getting into! And to be honest, there were a few times I thought I was going to stab myself too! *GULP!* lol

    But I’m glad I was able to help out and that there was a happy ending in the end. 😀

    Now you can sleep well tonight!

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