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I’m Expecting

I’ve been shopping and picking up all the supplies you need when you are about to bring home a new baby. A little bed, lots of toys, a brush, food, etc. I’m preparing my home to make sure that there are no hazards for my little one to get into. I bought a book on what to expect when I bring the little girl home and read it from cover to cover that night. I’m looking up baby names. I feel like an expectant mother… but I’m actually adopting. Adopting a kitten!

The poor little girl was found with 5 of her bothers and sisters in the barn of a family friend. The kittens had been abandoned by their mother. The family knew I had been considering adopting a pet, so they sent me pictures of the litter. I immediately fell for the calico.

I haven’t had a pet in years. I’m so excited that I’ve had trouble sleeping – thinking with what to name her, how to care for her, and making sure I have everything ready for her arrival this Saturday!  Just like an expectant mom.


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