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Houston, We Have A Problem

Yesterday was not a good day. It started out great, but mid-way through the morning I received some terrible news via email.

“I’m not sure if Steven and Brittany talked to you about the little Calico kitten but she quit eating yesterday and has been slowly declining, I’m pretty sure she’s not going to make it.  In large litters it sometimes happens and she’s half the size of her litter mates and there was probably something wrong with her.  Your second choice the little grey female is thriving, frisky and doing well and will be ready to go home on Saturday, I hope this will still be ok.”

I was stunned. (If you read my blog “I’m Expecting” from yesterday, you’d know how excited it was to pick up my new kitten.) Now all of the sudden my feelings I had of excitement turned into a funk that stayed with me all day.  I had really fallen for the little Calico Kitten and had been so excited about picking her up on Saturday. I didn’t realize how much losing her would affect me, and I hadn’t even brought her home yet.

My daughter Brittany is friends with the family who I am adopting from, so after hearing the news from me that the kitten was not eating, she called the family to get more information. I’m sure she wanted to find out if the kitten had any chance of getting better or if I should give up hope.

Her next phone call was to me with an update. She said that they had been feeding her with a syringe filled with kitten formula trying to nurse her back to health.  By yesterday evening the kitten was responding a little, and her ears were starting to get warm – a good sign. She said that even if the kitten does start to improve, that she wouldn’t be able to go home with me for at least another week – to make sure that she is out of the woods.

Brittany said that she would have the day off work today, so she could head over to the farm and help take care of the kitten since it needed to be watched and cared for hour by hour. But before she headed out this morning she called to check in with the family and see how the kitten was doing. They let her know that the little calico didn’t make it through the night.

She immediately called to give me the sad news.

I’d been preparing myself for this outcome, but still, I’m a little sad. The only thing that helps is the thought that everything happens for a reason. I will continue with my plan to head down tomorrow and play with the other healthy kittens and see which bonds with me.

To be continued…


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