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Hello Kitty!

The day I had been waiting for finally arrived…. it was Saturday… the day I was to adopt my new kitten. I woke up early, loaded the car with the brand new cat carrying case with a soft bed and some kitten toys inside; then I drove about an hour and a half to Hilmar where the kittens were being fostered.

The foster family brought me into the room where the kittens were playing.  Oh my goodness, they were all so adorable and tiny! Due to their size and activity level they estimate the kittens to be 5-6 weeks old. I sat down on the floor and watched as they played and wrestled with each other. After a little while of watching, I picked each one up and eventually played with the entire litter to see which one would take to me.  There were six kittens in all; five males: one orange, two light beige, two dark grey and black striped; and one grey and white female.

They were all so cute and frisky! They were jumping, tumbling, playing, and running in and out of a carrying case; all seemed to have good personalities. At one point I thought about taking two so they’d have a friend to play with while I’m at work. But since this is my first kitten, I decided to just choose one. I chose the grey and white female.

The foster family gave me a portion of the blanket the kittens had been sleeping on to help her with the transition. I put her into the carrying case and tucked her blanket right up close to her for the ride home.  

I never really noticed how bumpy a car ride can be until I was thinking of how she might feel going from the safety of solid ground to a moving vehicle. She looked a little nervous. She cried (a sad meow) for the first 30 minutes of the drive home.  I tried to console her by talking to her and keeping my hand on the case to minimize the shakiness. Eventually she settled in and relaxed.

When we first arrived home, I sat down with her in the bathroom, showed her to her litter box and food & water bowls, as well as a small cat tower and some toys. Then she thoroughly explored the room.

After she ate and used her litter box successfully, I took her out into the living room where she could explore a little more of her new home.

She did a lap around the room as if she was systematically investigating each and every nook and cranny. Sniffing this, patting that, peeking under and behind furniture; she certainly was getting the lay of the land. Eventually she got tired and just wanted to lay on my lap.  She purred as I stroked her fur and soon she fell asleep. It was like having a newborn baby.  At one point I needed to get up for something, but I didn’t want to move and wake her up, so I just sat there.

By Sunday morning she was ready to investigate some more.  First she learned how to jump off the couch.  Then after a few attempts, she figured out how to climb back up onto the coach. She explored behind the entertainment center and found the side tables to be quite adventurous.

I swear she has super vision, since she chases things that I certainly don’t see. She peaks her head into the space between the couch cushions as if there is something in there, then she quickly spins around and claws at the air, and then she runs in the opposite direction to jump on and bite the piping on the couch.  It’s all hilarious to watch.

I have an ottoman/coffee table that sits about one foot away from the couch. She stood at the edge of the couch and contemplated jumping across. It was so funny to watch her move forward and then back and then forward again. It was as if she was thinking “I’m pretty sure I can make it that far… hmm, I don’t know, it’s a bit of a jump.” Eventually she attempted the jump and made it across.  She seemed quite proud of herself.

I’m amazed at how animals progress so quickly.  She remembers each little thing she learns, and the next time she tries it, she seems to jump further or climb higher.  I think this is the start of some major exploring.


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