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Deborah at Home

Me at home, June 2010

 Thanks for visiting my blog Reason.Season.Lifetime.  I’ve always believed that people come into our lives for a reason. We may not always know why someone comes into our life, but there’s always a reason.

I write about things that inspire me: people, travel, and music, to name a few.  

I have a career that I love as a meeting & event planner. Traveling is my passion. I have been to some incredible places and I’ve met extraordinary people along the way.

I love France, and just about everything French. I hope to someday move to France for a year or more and have some adventures there. I guess we’ll see where life takes me! 

For now, I live in a fabulous 1940’s apartment building in East Sacramento; it reminds me of an apartment that I would find in Paris. It’s in a part of downtown with fully grown trees lining the streets, amazing restaurants, cafes, bakeries and bars; plus my windows look out over a beautiful park.

I hope you find my entries thoughtful, inspiring or at the very least, entertaining. 

Thanks again for stopping in!




4 thoughts on “About

  1. I LOVE this, Deborah! I am at once, informed and entertained. I only wish I had heard of it sooner.

    I’m following you at once, and listing this on my blog (way overdue for an entry) http://www.thatsthe point44.blogspot.com.
    I didn’t have the opportunity to chat last night at the SacTweetUp event, but U will be sure to seek you out at the next one.

    This is REALLY nicely done! *tip’s hat*

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