5K Training – Week One

I had planned to start this program over a week ago, but some obstacles in my personal life made it impossible; so Saturday morning was day one of my 8 week Couch to 5K training program.

I got a good nights sleep Friday night which made it easier to get out of bed at a decent time.  I drank a cup of coffee to assist in the wake up process, donned  my running shoes, ear buds and iPhone and set out for my first training session. (You can find this Running Mate Fitness program/podcast at www.5K101.com or download it from iTunes – it’s free!)

I started the podcast as I started walking and immediately heard the sounds of motivating music and then the coach came on to talk me through the next 27 minutes.

The program starts off with a 5 minute warm up walk and then takes you into a series of 2 minute jogs and 3 minute brisk walks for the next 20 minutes or so, then concludes with a 5 minute walk/cooling off period.  The coach is there in the background every few minutes letting you know when you are at the half way point of each segment; I found this encouraging and it really helped keep me going. In addition, the up beat music helps keep you at a good pace as you walk and jog.

I am fortunate to live near a great park that has a running/walking  trail around the perimeter and many people utilize it to keep fit. As I walked and jogged along the path, I noticed people at all fitness levels out on this gorgeous summer morning doing something to get or keep fit.  The usual Saturday morning Yoga group began arriving, and with their mats and water bottles in hand, they arranged themselves on the grass and began their routine.

As I passed the tennis center there wasn’t an empty court to be found. In fact there appeared to be a group of people waiting for courts to open up.

And of course the trail was packed with other walkers, joggers and runners getting their dose of fitness – first thing in the morning.

All these active people out early on a Saturday morning made me feel invigorated!  Even though this first training session was only about 27 minutes, I felt like I got a good workout.  The coach instructs you at the end of the session to repeat this  podcast at least three more times this week, before moving on to Week 2. I must say, I can’t wait until my next training session!